Divorce, legitimation, child support and other family law issues have greatly increased in complexity in recent years due to changes in Georgia law. When it comes to issues regarding the well-being and best interests of you and your family, it is extremely important to be aware of the current status of the law and to have the know-how to use those laws to your advantage.

Having a qualified family law attorney who keeps abreast of changes in the law and cares about the client's well-being is key to ensuring you get what you are not taken advantage of in a family law case.

Taking A Vested Interest In Your Well Being

At my law firm, I do all the court work for your family law case myself - I do not rely on other lawyers to appear for me, especially in sensitive matters such as divorce. I understand that my clients hired me and entrusted me to help them through these most difficult of times - I honor and cherish that decision, and will not betray that trust by referring a client's case out to another law firm, attorney or paralegal.

Indeed, I take a personal approach to every family law case and care deeply about the well-being of all my clients - I provide the same exceptional service to clients that I would expect to receive if I were a client.

Protect Yourself - Prepare For Adversity

One item I often see with a client who has an unscrupulous spouse - one who either cheats or deserts them - is that the cheating spouse will abscond with all of the financial information relating to the household, including retirement information, bank account information and other similar items.

Because I have seen every trick in the book, I can help clients prepare for such eventualities. If there is a cheating or dishonest spouse, I know to warn my clients and advise them to take steps to secure all financial information - this includes obtaining bank statements, life insurance policies and tax returns.

Also, if you ever feel yourself in physical danger, please have a cellphone with you and be prepared to dial 911. Have clothes prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Domestic law can be very, very traumatic - I will help you through the process.

In Gainesville, Georgia, and the surrounding Atlanta metropolitan area, contact me today regarding your family law or domestic relations matter for a free consultation and ask about a payment plan that fits your budget. Call me at 770-287-8850 or use my contact form to reach me online.



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